Because Cheyenne leather goods are individually handcrafted to order, direct contact with our customers is frequently necessary. Please let us know what items you are interested in and we will contact you to complete your custom order. Once confirmed, payment must accompany your order.



When ordering a Cheyenne holster be sure to specify the following information about the pistol it is to fit:

1. Manufacturer

2. Model or frame

3. Caliber

4. Barrel length*

5. Whether revolver,auto or air pistol

If in doubt, or if the gun is a custom or special model, send a photo copy from an open top copy machine.

* All revolver barrels are measured from front of cylinder to muzzle end of barrel. Automatic barrels are measured from butt end of cartridge to muzzle end of barrel.

All Cheyenne holsters are supplied for right-handed shooters unless otherwise ordered. They are available for left-handed shooters at no extra cost.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. All items, except belts, carry a money back guarantee (less shipping) if not satisfied. Returns must be postmarked within 5 days of delivery to your address. Returns will not be accepted on special order items.

IMPORTANT: When ordering belts, please give waist measurement as stated on the tag of comfortable pair of pants. All gun belts are made 4 inches longer than your pants size. If you don't think this is large enough, tell us the size you want. WE WILL NOT REPLACE BELTS THAT ARE TOO SHORT. Belts over 43" add $2.00 per inch.




If you desire something not shown, please contact us.